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E76-Woody Harrelson has a new pot shop—is it boutique or big business?

July 21, 2022

While it would have been great to have Woody himself on the High Rise to chat with us about his new shop in West Hollywood, Cy and Emily take some time to talk about the opening of his unique cannabis retail experience and its counter positioning against practically all other models today.

The Woods is a one of kind cannabis dispensary that opened up in May of this year by none other than actor and activist Woody Harrelson. Mr. Harrelson did not do this alone, he had some help from a kind group of friends and cofounders such as Devon Wheeler and comedian Bill Maher to make it all happen. 

Why is the Woods different? The concept aims to go against the current price pressure reality of today’s corporate cannabis expansion and bring consumers into an organic, high quality shopping experience building upon a legacy that cannabis has always stood for which is: nature, wellness, culture, and community.