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Leverage cannabis consumer insights for Alberta in real-time

Jul 7, 2020

Real-time insights available for Alberta

We've got some news! You can do all the same things with Alberta Insights, but now with up-to-the-minute, real-time market data and consumer trends. Monitor sales and product category share for today's market, and dig deeper into products by comparing brands on product types, sizes, and prices.

Improving your market read

While Headset works hard to show you trends across the cannabis industry in a simple, clear way, pulling the data from POS systems at the receipt-level into Headset Insights is complex, to say the least. We take data directly from the point of sale in retail stores, aggregate it and then anonymize it before making a statistical model (controlling for any biases) to project the data to the entire marketplace.

You know most of that by now, but we've been working hard to source more data to improve the speed of the Alberta market read. We're excited to share that your current read now provides the real-time information you need to make decisions for today's market. Jump in to see real-time consumer trends impacting the market right now.




Sign up for Alberta Insights today!

Not taking full advantage of our Insights Premium tool in Alberta? No problem, click this link to get in touch with someone at Headset who can get you started now. Still have questions about what our Insights tool does? You can learn more about it here.