Business intelligence so you can stay ahead of trends and discover opportunities like never before.

Dashboards that simplify your data so you can better understand your operations at a glance.

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Reporting, Simplified.

Getting info from your point-of-sale traditionally means exporting out spreadsheet files and restructuring the data to get the answers you need, a time consuming and costly exercise for any team.

With Headset Retailer you can get unprecedented visibility through easy to understand reports on your Sales, Inventory, Vendors, Products and Budtenders data in real-time.

Make smarter, faster business decisions based on data. Limit out-of-stock events, understand your key revenue drivers and sales staff performance -- accelerating your success.

Multiple Location Support
Compare and contrast performance across locations, balance inventory and staffing.
Leading Point-of-Sale Integrations
A simple one-time setup ensures data is delivered in real-time, saving time and money.
Intuitive Reporting
Reporting dashboards designed to be intuitive and understandable at-a-glance.

Think of Headset as your store's very own data analyst

Advanced sales analysis done quickly.

Insights into your sales in an easy to use framework.

  • Quickly identify revenue driving sales trends
  • Measure your top performing vendors
  • See sales broken by weight and vendor
  • Get insights into customer demographic purchasing habits
  • Better understand margins and revenue generating products

Optimizing inventory has never been simpler

Inventory management made easy.

  • Simplified reordering through inventory velocity
  • Identify low or out-of-stock items quickly
  • Manage inventory across locations
  • Visibility into inventory and weight totals
  • Examine Stock and SKUs levels across multiple product categories

Insights into product and vendor trends

Invest in revenue drivers, divest from poor performers.

  • Optimize your shelf space for top-performing brands
  • Find fast growing vendors, your newest revenue drivers
  • Measure sales vs. units vs. profit
  • Vendor and product sales as % of store revenues
  • Monitor contribution over time

Budtenders as profit centers.

Measure one of your biggest assets, your sales staff.

  • Comparisons of sales vs. transaction count vs. basket size
  • Sales % across categories
  • Vendor affinity across budtenders
  • Granular budtender detail reports for performance reviews
  • Measure budtender performance vs. store averages

Best-in-class business intelligence

Fast reporting, data export, filtering and designer support give you the tools you need.

Designer Mode

Ready for the next level? For those retailers that have dedicated analyst staff or interest in custom dashboards, subscribe with a Designer view to make your own custom dashboards

Multiple Filters

Slice and dice the data as needed, from time ranges to category and brand filters. Narrow down the results and dive into additional insights to get just what you are looking for.

Exportable Data

Enjoy slinging Excel and building pivot tables? Export the data you need to impress the team directly from Headset in CSV format and pivot all day long. You can even export images as well!

Streamline your operations

Identify ideal product assortments
Understand budtender performance
Optimal inventory and limited out-of-stock events
Spot trends and make decisions fast
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