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Data Intelligence for the Cannabis Retailer

Real-time, actionable insights designed specifically for retail shops and dispensaries. Analyze your POS data like never before.

Make smarter, faster business decisions based on data. Limit out-of-stock events, understand your key revenue drivers and sales staff performance -- accelerating your success.

Multiple Location Support
Compare and contrast performance across locations, balance inventory and staffing.
Leading Point-of-Sale Integrations
A simple one-time setup ensures data is delivered in real-time, saving time and money.
Intuitive Reporting
Reporting dashboards designed to be intuitive and understandable at-a-glance.

Harness the full power of your store’s data

With Retailer Premium, you’ll look deeper into your store's revenue drivers and get a full picture of how your customers make purchasing decisions.

Think of Headset as your store's very own data analyst

Advanced sales analysis done quickly.

Insights into your sales in an easy to use framework.

  • Quickly identify revenue driving sales trends
  • Measure your top performing vendors
  • See sales broken by weight and vendor
  • Get insights into customer demographic purchasing habits
  • Better understand margins and revenue generating products

Optimizing inventory has never been simpler

Inventory management made easy.

  • Simplified reordering through inventory velocity
  • Identify low or out-of-stock items quickly
  • Manage inventory across locations
  • Visibility into inventory and weight totals
  • Examine Stock and SKUs levels across multiple product categories

Retail Market Benchmarking

Retailer Benchmarking gives your retail data context in a variety of areas; businesses can:

  • Compare their sales growth to the market at large.
  • Learn what kind of products are popular in their market and how their inventory compares with their landscape.
  • See differences in product pricing against the rest of the marketplace.

Budtenders as profit centers.

Measure one of your biggest assets, your sales staff.

  • Comparisons of sales vs. transaction count vs. basket size
  • Sales % across categories
  • Vendor affinity across budtenders
  • Granular budtender detail reports for performance reviews
  • Measure budtender performance vs. store averages

Trusted by the best in cannabis

“Headset made my job incredibly easy when it comes to forecasting budgeting and just making sure that I have enough product in. It allows me to see inventory at all my locations, and it'll tell me exactly how many weeks I have out before I need to reorder again. This has been an invaluable tool for me to do my job.“
Kelley Owen, Director of Vendor Management
“The future is having a Crystal clear view of the present. I think partnering with a company like headset helps us do that and make better decisions in real time.”
nate yagoda, Director of strategy
“Our company runs on Headset. From the VMI, to the re-order to the impact analysis. It’s an integral part of our daily operations. We couldn’t do it without headset!“
Ben Bentitou, co-founder
“This isn’t just about our business; this is about a much bigger movement that we’re all working towards which is, that brands normalize this industry, people normalize this industry, and data is another really great way for normalizing this industry.”
duni Disston, sales

Best-in-class business intelligence

Fast reporting, data export, filtering and designer support give you the tools you need.

Discovery Mode

Ready for the next level? For those retailers that have dedicated analyst staff or interest in custom dashboards, subscribe with a Designer view to make your own custom dashboards

Multiple Filters

Slice and dice the data as needed, from time ranges to category and brand filters. Narrow down the results and dive into additional insights to get just what you are looking for.

Exportable Data

Enjoy slinging Excel and building pivot tables? Export the data you need to impress the team directly from Headset in CSV format and pivot all day long. You can even export images as well!

Streamline your operations

Identify ideal product assortments
Understand budtender performance
Optimal inventory and limited out-of-stock events
Spot trends and make decisions fast
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