Do more with your store's data.

Leverage cannabis retail data to maximize transactions and identify marketing strategies to attract & maintain loyal customers.
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Build your customer base

Build loyal customers and improve the way you plan for their purchasing trends.

Optimize every transaction

Simple to implement basket analytics to drive larger transactions and more frequent purchases.

Third-party integrations

Turn your analytics to action with third-party integrations into the tools you use to drive your business.

How it all works

Headset Retailer Premium is powered through point-of-sale integration to provide you real-time analytics about your business, leveraging customer loyalty programs and transaction data to build insight,  so you can drive informed decisions, generate additional revenue and save costs. Your data is kept private and secure, and only accessible by those you grant permission.
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Drive marketing success and understand your customers.

Track ROI from in-store vs. online sales

Learn more about measuring channel performance

Measure the impact of your cannabis marketing

Learn more about how data can inform your marketing strategies

Identify tactics to increase basket size

Learn more about leveraging your store's revenue drivers

Core features



Track the ROI on your marketing efforts and justify spend. With the Marketing module, you'll be able to put a spotlight on discounts and determine if referral campaigns are driving customers into the door.

Measure Campaigns

Discover which marketing campaigns are driving the most revenue today.

Build Successful Promotions

Find out which types of customers use discounts more often and if  those new customers are driving additional long-term value.


Customer Analysis

Better understand consumer shopping behavior by learning who your customers are and what type of purchasing patterns they exhibit.

Measure Customer Lifetime Value

Understanding the lifetime value of a customer enables you to optimize marketing spend to acquire those customers.

Create the Right Assortment

Find the types of products that appeal more to the different demographic groups that make up your customer base.


Demand Planning

Explore when your products are purchased so you can make more informed decisions about seasonal planning, promotions, inventory, and vendor days.

Unlock Seasonality Trends

Have the right amount of inventory for spikes in sales due to holidays or different seasons.

Better Staff During the Day

Different customers are shopping at different times of the day. Understanding when products are sold will drive staffing decisions.

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headset retailer premium

Upgrade your retail power with premium analytics

Explore a variety of retail and dispensary tools that power services that drive additional customers and revenue streams, provide data warehousing capabilities to merge your business data beyond the POS, or even help you get a new retail location started.
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“The future is having a crystal clear view of the present. I think partnering with a company like Headset helps us do that and make better decisions in real time.”

Nate Yagoda | Director, Strategy

“Headset actually gave us all the data that we needed to curate the express menu and the same day delivery menu”

Kelley Owen | Director of Vendor Management & Purchasing

“Our brands normalize this industry, people normalize this industry, and Headset data is another really great asset to that."