Success in cannabis retail starts with data

Free dispensary and cannabis retail analytics to outperform the market and drive informed decisions in your day-to-day.
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Trusted by leading retailers

From publicly traded multi-store operators to local small businesses, Headset Retailer levels the playing field by giving you first class analytics for your business.

Privacy and security first

As a data company, we know what it means to take data privacy and security seriously. Beyond compliance, your privacy is of upmost importance.

Data at your fingertips (and inbox)

Dashboards developed in conjunction with input from leading retail operators to make running your business easier with accessible data, straight to your inbox.

How it all works

Headset Retailer Pulse is a free service that connects with your point-of-sale system to provide real-time analytics about your business so you can drive informed decisions, generate additional revenue, and save costs. Your data is kept private and secure, and only accessible by those you grant permission. Aggregated and anonymized information is returned and provided for benchmarking services so you can see how you fit within the market.
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Take action on your store's data.

Cannabis benchmarking data to see your position in the market

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Optimal budtender performance increases profit

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Dispensary inventory management software to free up cash flow

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Core features



Quickly assess your organizations performance vs the market to see how you fit within the competitive landscape.

Sales growth

Determine if your strong sales growth is reflective of the overall market or attributed to your business performance.

pricing strategies

Better align your pricing strategies to market conditions ensuring you stay ahead of the competition.


Sales and inventory trends

Ensure you have the right mix of inventory at the right price to drive a successful sales strategy.

Stock vs. sales

Free your cash flow from the risk of excessive inventory carry and invest it into driving more customers.

discounts and impact analysis

Determine which marketing campaigns and promotions are generating the best return on investment.


Automated reporting

Dashboards delivered directly to your inbox so you have the information you need, when you need it.

daily emails

Wake up every morning to an executive summary of business performance in your inbox.

custom delivery

Easily get specific dashboards delivered on the frequency that works for you with custom email delivery.

You're in good company

Trusted by the best in cannabis

“The future is having a crystal clear view of the present. I think partnering with a company like Headset helps us do that and make better decisions in real time.”

Nate Yagoda | Director, Strategy

“Headset actually gave us all the data that we needed to curate the express menu and the same day delivery menu”

Kelley Owen | Director of Vendor Management & Purchasing

“Our brands normalize this industry, people normalize this industry, and Headset data is another really great asset to that."