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Enter your market with confidence. Headset Retailer Starter Pack provides customizable reports to ensure every part of your business is ready for customers on day one.
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Unparalleled market data

Built on aggregated market intelligence from hundreds of retailers in your region to inform pricing and assortment strategies

Prevent unnecessary costs

Knowing the precise amount of inventory needed at launch can result in savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars

Build accurate sales projections

Having an accurate understanding of revenue projections can help you better plan your investments for the future

How it all works

Headset Retailer Starter is built on aggregated and anonymized market data from Headset’s network of retail and dispensary cooperators. By leveraging this dataset you can get an accurate read on what to expect within your market on opening a new location, from the optimal assortment to precise revenue forecasts.
for ancillary companies

Data to guide your path to a profitable opening

Stock your shelves with the right products for opening day

Learn how to determine the right category mix for your store

Data can inform how you staff your store, before you hire

Learn more how consumer data can help you staff up better

Core features


Develop Projections

Create projections for sales revenue, recommendations for staffing needs, seasonality analyses, guidance on inventory purchasing needs and capital required for your first inventory purchase.

Sales Growth

Leverage prescriptive analytics to project sales growth and overall revenue opportunities for your new location

Inventory Turnover

Project inventory levels over time so you can have the right amount of stock at the right time, and optimize the crucial retail metric: inventory turn.


Category Assortment

Understand what categories a store should be stocked with and how that category mix may develop over time

The Right Product Mix

Have the right product selection at the right time from day one.

Optimal Inventory Levels

Ensure the right inventory levels with average weeks of inventory carry, average units in stock, and average value of inventory in stock.


Staffing Requirements

The information to help you staff your store based on predicted time of day sales volume so you can hire the right people and the right amount of people.

Daily and Hourly Sales

Understanding demand during the day and the week will inform critical hiring needs for your new location

Basket Composition

Understand average item price and average items per basket so you can make sure you can benchmark your sales staff performance right away.

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“The future is having a crystal clear view of the present. I think partnering with a company like Headset helps us do that and make better decisions in real time.”

Nate Yagoda | Director, Strategy

“Headset actually gave us all the data that we needed to curate the express menu and the same day delivery menu”

Kelley Owen | Director of Vendor Management & Purchasing

“Our brands normalize this industry, people normalize this industry, and Headset data is another really great asset to that."