Headset builds market leaders

The old model of market research doesn’t fit the new paradigm of cannabis. Headset is cannabis analytics for today’s world when decisions are made on timely data, not stale, months-old information. It is analytics that drive you to a decision, allowing you to quickly take action and race ahead.
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Build on your winning strategy with the Headset platform.

Make decisions with the latest information

The landscape is shifting quickly, from new market entrants to new legislation. Having a real-time read is more important than ever. Making the right decision is just as important as not making the wrong decision, and having timely data makes the difference.

Demographic and behavioral data direct from retail

Why settle for surveys when you can really know who is purchasing what and how they are doing the purchasing? Insights into customer information sourced directly from retail means you learn about the actual purchasers of your product.

Insights directly into the basket

From a birds eye view to a sense of basket composition, Headset market intelligence gives you that granular read you need to understand what is driving consumer purchases. From driver products to throw-ins at checkout, understanding this mix can inform an optimal strategy.

Less time on data cleanup, more time on analysis

In addition to sampling and projecting to overall market, we also normalize the data to get a holistic read on the market. This enables you to quickly understand the competitive landscape without having to generate your own projections based on general census data or messy market data.

A massive network of data cooperators

With thousands of retail and dispensary cooperators in regulated markets, we have an ever increasing large footprint of organizations that inform Headset data ensuring it is representative of the market.

Transparent process and insight into statistical relevance

You need to know you can trust the data. Headset works closely with industry leaders and administrative agencies to inform our metrics, ensuring we have the most accurate read possible.

Turn analytics into action

Headset makes it easy to turn analytics into action, showing true ROI on leveraging data. Not a data analyst? No problem, our dashboards are designed to be intuitive and easy to use. No time to review? We have an analyst support program designed to help you directly.