Automating Reports and Streamlining Operations with Headset Retailer

Essential Tips and Strategies for Automating Reporting

This training video covers essential tips and strategies for automating reporting on the Headset platform which is primarily aimed to help new users though existing users could benefit as well. The speaker explains how to efficiently schedule automated reports, manage dashboard favorites, and access select reports designed for email convenience.

Key Takeaways
  • The Headset platform provides an "Executive Weekly Summary" under its Overview section, reporting total revenue, costs, and profit over the last week.
  • The platform allows users to schedule the delivery of reports with customizable options, including the recipient, email format, delivery time, and format of the report, which can be set as PNG, PDF, or a CSV zip file.
  • The option to "Favorite" dashboards for easy future access is provided. These favorite dashboards can also be shared among team members.
  • The Sales Email and Inventory Email dashboards have been specifically designed to be used as regular email summaries, providing a snapshot of sales and inventory status respectively.
  • Headset offers various additional resources such as industry reports and blog posts providing trends and analysis of the cannabis industry.

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