Cross Market Analysis in the Cannabis Industry: A Training Guide to Pricing Trends and Strategies

This training video features Ashley, a customer success manager at Headset who specializes in data analytics.

The video is an in-depth tutorial on understanding and analyzing the cannabis market's various trends and aspects across different regions. The central theme revolves around pricing and how it varies across different markets.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Learn to understand and leverage real-time market data to predict trends in new markets.  
  2. Understand market-specific factors affecting pricing and consumption patterns in different regions.  
  3. Learn how to use the company's market size comparison tool to understand trends and strategies utilized in different regions.  
  4. Gain insights about product-specific pricing analysis, with edibles in Canadian markets as a focal point.  
  5. Discover how to extract and comprehend high volumes of data from dashboards for in-depth market comparison and trend analysis.

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