Effective Demand Planning and Employee Scheduling Strategies for Retailers

Understand Your Transaction Dynamics on Daily and Monthly Basis

This video content revolves around demand planning and the efficient scheduling of sales staff in retail settings. The speaker first introduces the importance of understanding your transaction dynamics on daily and monthly basis. By tracking these, retailers can establish a baseline and track the pace of their sales.

Key Takeaways
  • Understanding your transactions on a daily and monthly basis offers insights into the pace and volume of transactions, which is key for strategic staffing.
  • Sales staff identification and tracking can be effectively done using the Pulse module.
  • The use of 'Demand Planning' and 'Hourly and Day of Week' dashboards helps identify peak business hours, which is valuable for efficient staffing planning.
  • The ‘Staffing Store’ module is a critical tool for gaining insights into employee metrics and aids in the development and deployment of optimal staffing strategies
  • Complex graphs like 'Day of Week by Hour Employee Count' and 'Day of Week by Hour Selected Metric Employee', are valuable assets in analyzing and adjusting staffing level based on real-time demands.

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