Effective Strategies for Optimizing Shelf Space and Enhancing Inventory Management

In this video we provide an in-depth understanding of efficiently managing shelf space and enhancing inventory quality.

The key is to focus on maintaining an inventory that resonates with people by leveraging opportunities and improving performance. The training session demonstrates how to use a new inventory management system that features three modules for comprehensive inventory management. Starting with the inventory performance overview module, the trainer explains how to identify the types of inventory in your stores, particularly distinguishing between overstocked and understocked items, as well as high and low performing items. The module allows you to dive into particular store details, allowing you to get a fuller picture of each store category and its performance.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Inventory management system can help identify overstocked, understocked, and high/low performing items to optimize shelf space.
  2. Utilize the inventory comparison module to check trends between product brands, which aids in planning future orders based on brand performance.
  3. Fair share of sales is a keen indicator to highlight which brand brings in the highest share of sales.
  4. The inventory product details module provides granular insights on the performance of different product categories.5. The system offers recommendations on managing different grades of inventory, thereby increasing efficiency in the process.

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