Leveraging Discount Analysis and Benchmarking in Retailer

Utilizing Discount Analysis and Benchmarking

This training video outlines the practical utilization of the discount analysis and benchmarking features in the Retailer platform. Amelia, a Retailer Customer Success Manager at Headset, explains how these features can help retailers evaluate their discounting strategy and make more data-informed decisions.

Key Takeaways
  • You can leverage the Retailer platform to answer critical questions like if your discounts are driving sales, whether your promotions were successful or how your overall discounting aligns with market trends.
  • The discount overview dashboard provides insights on the impact of discounts on sales volumes and profitability. It uses different visualizations to simplify these complex data points.
  • 'Impact Analysis' can be used for a post-mortem assessment of your discounts, comparing your actual sales against the projected sales based on years of historical data.
  • You can use the platform’s benchmarking dashboard to compare your performance to a comparable market, giving you insights on your pricing strategy's effectiveness against other players in the market
  • Regular utilization of these features can assist retailers in making more informed pricing and discounting decisions based on valuable insights.

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