Mastering Headset Bridge: Optimize Inventory and Reordering Process

Welcome to this training session on how to use the bridge tool to maximize your inventory and streamline your reordering process.

This training video is guided by Amelia through a fictitious Headset Hangouts account, Tegrity Farms. No real data is used in this educational training session.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Understand how to use Bridge tools to optimize inventory and make informed decisions for reordering.
  2. Learn how to analyze data in overviews, accounts details, inventory and reorder reports to manage supply and demand effectively.
  3. Use inventory history charts and reorder reports to prevent premature restocking and minimize locked up capital.
  4. Discover how to identify slower moving products and spot pricing red flags for better inventory management.
  5. Recognize the importance of considering potential lost profit if products are not stocked appropriately and the impact on profit margins.6. Engage retail partners in data-based discussions on reordering to avoid supply-demand disparities.

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