Mastering Inventory Management with Headset Retailer

An Overview of Inventory Management within Headset Retailer

This training session, presented by Amelia, a Customer Success Manager at Headset, provides a comprehensive overview of inventory management within Headset Retailer. The video offers a practical guide on how make informed inventory management decisions, maximize efficiency and optimize the reordering process.

The centerpiece of this training includes demonstrations of the Inventory Module, Inventory Coverage, Inventory Turnover, and Reorder Report with theoretical examples from a demo retail account. Amelia explains how to use different filters and parameters to take out the guesswork from the inventory management process and to understand key data points, such as stock coverage ratio, estimating future demand, and buffer days.

Key Takeaways
  • Headset's inventory management system helps retailers to monitor inventory in real-time, make informed reordering decisions, and maximize stock turnover efficiency.
  • An understanding of key features of the Inventory Coverage, Inventory Turnover and Reorder Report, focusing on stock coverage ratio, estimated demand increase, and buffer days.
  • The flexibility of Headset system allows users to customize per their retail circumstances, from setting forecast sales based on the past 28 or 60 days sales data to sorting products by various criteria in the reorder report.
  • Insight into deeper data analysis at a product, brand, or vendor level within the Headset system.- An understanding of the Inventory Email and its capability to automate notifications of low in stocks products, thereby aiding in efficient inventory management.

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