Maximizing Your Retail Strategy: Understanding Customer Behavior and Product Preference

In this training video session, the focus is on understanding customer behavior, their product preferences, discount sensitivity, and the vital role this plays in enhancing sales performance for a retail business.

The video narrates how a retailer's conscious understanding of their customers' purchase tendencies can help enhance their inventory management and profoundly boost revenue.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Understanding customer behavior, product preferences, and discount sensitivity are crucial in improving inventory management and increasing revenue.
  2. Utilizing data platforms like Headset Hangouts could assist retailers in analyzing the buying pattern of their customers and target their marketing strategies more effectively.
  3. Inventory coverage can be used to identify items retailers are overstocked on while product purchase behavior dashboard provides an idea of customers' cannabis wallet and what categories they prefer to buy.
  4. Demographic analysis aids in identifying the specific age group or gender that are more likely to purchase certain products.
  5. Hourly sales analysis is vital in identifying when certain demographics are more likely to patronize a store and for targeted promotional campaigns.

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