Navigating Competitive Analysis: A Case Study of an Evolving Cannabis Market

This comprehensive training video is designed to provide a full demonstration on conducting a competitive analysis, using an advanced digital mapping tool for data presentation and interpretation.

The primary focus is on the cannabis market in Michigan and California, where Headset Insights, is brought to use to understand market positioning, identify competitors, and analyze their growth. The video teaches participants how to set up dashboards for regular market analysis and emphasizes the significance of terminologies like ‘taxonomies’, ‘categories’, ‘segments’ and ‘metadata’ for detailed competitive analysis. The speaker uses specific case studies, like the rapid growth of cannabis brand, Nobo, in Michigan’s edibles market, to illustrate learning points.

Key Takeaways:
  1. Understand how to utilize digital tools, like Headset Insights, to conduct an effective competitive analysis within a chosen market.
  2. Learn how to set up and personalize a dashboard for regular tracking of competitors and market trends.
  3. Gain knowledge on the role and importance of house brands in retail, and learn how to conduct segment and category exploration.
  4. Get insights into how to evaluate and compare market share among top industry brands.- Learn how to interpret data visualizations, understand brand sales dynamics, and apply these insights to business decision-making and planning.

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