Utilizing the BridgeSignal Activity Feed for Effective Sales in the Cannabis Industry

In the training video, Sarah, a customer support manager at Headset, introduces viewers to the new BridgeSignal activity feed.

She explains how it can be utilized by sales representatives of wholesalers, brands, and distributors in the cannabis industry to enhance their sales strategies. Assuming the role of a sales representative, she uses a company named Mary's Medicinals as an example and concentrates on Denver as her territory. She demonstrates how to filter the feed specifically for Denver and focuses on how retail partners can ensure adequate stock levels. If a retailer's product gets removed, Sarah explains how the sales representative can quickly address the issue by contacting the retailer for stock or inventory.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Use the BridgeSignal Activity Feed to filter specific territories and monitor your products' status at different retailers.
  2. Quickly address inventory issues by spotting products that have been removed from retailers' product listings.
  3. Monitor if your brand is being removed entirely from any retailer. Investigate and establish connections to probe into the issue.
  4. Check for price changes and promotions of your product to understand trends, making it helpful in coordinating efforts with your retail partners.
  5. Leverage the feature of watching competing brands to understand their pricing and promotion strategies, which helps enhance the market competitiveness of your own product.

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