Know your customer, Grow your Customer

This educational webinar was created for Retail Management, Marketing, Inventory, and Operations people looking to expand their understanding of how to use data and Headset’s Retailer Premium software to make more informed decisions that saves time in your day, and improves margins for your Retail store.

The adult-use California Cannabis Industry has had a challenging path pre and post legalization. Despite these challenges, it’s maturing quickly and beginning to resemble that of other CPG industries.

The Retailer software Headset has been building over the last 5 years is designed for today’s needs and tomorrow’s maturing market. Our goal is to provide people, and companies, with not just the software, but the understanding of how to use data.

Join Jocelyn, Jewel and Joe for a one hour webinar where they'll cover each of these key topics and questions for the California market:

  • How do Retail Analysts incorporate data into customer acquisition and marketing strategies?
  • Importance of understanding your customer-profile within the context of the CA marketplace.
  • How to distill your topline numbers into fundamental revenue drivers: numbers of shoppers * revenue per shopper
  • How to evaluate the efficacy of your various customer recruitment strategies.
  • Importance of understanding shifting consumer behavioral trends, with focus on pre & post-COVID.

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