Tips and trends to focus your revenue strategy in 2021

Succeeding in 2021 all comes down to how & what you focus your business on. With endless distractions and new opportunities, how can cannabis businesses navigate the constant flux of the industry and effectively determine where to focus their 2021 efforts?

To help you prepare your dispensary for success next year, we've built a presentation to help you focus on what's most important and impactful for your store's growth.

More specifically, we'll walk you through a handful of use cases with market data to show you how your business can double down on tactics to grow specific customer segments & revenue verticals. These vital insights will allow you to cut out the distractions so your business can take actions that grow revenue in 2021. Cannabis retailers and other businesses who attend will walk away with information to answer questions like:

  • What drives revenue in the California market & which type of consumer is buying what?
  • How can you use data to identify which products are working for your store?
  • Which customers drive the majority of your store’s revenue? How do you grow that specific customer base?

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