October 5, 2023

Announcing: Headset Intelligence Reports - Brand Beats

Unlock unparalleled clarity on brand performance with Headset Intelligence Reports: Brand Beat. In today's dynamic market, stay updated without the data overload. Our new email service offers actionable insights on market trends, empowering decision-makers across roles. From weekly kickstarts and focused management meetings to enhancing retail collaborations and competitive benchmarking, discover a holistic view of your brand's stance. Dive into quick KPIs, product highlights, and competitive mix. With Brand Beat, make informed decisions consistently. Your brand's heartbeat, now more accessible than ever.
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Team Headset
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October 5, 2023
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Interested in the vapor pen market? Read our comprehensive 2023 report. Get the low-down on which brands and form factors are gaining the most market share as well as demographics about the consumers doing the most purchasing.

🌟 Is Your Brand Performance a Mystery? Unlock Clarity with Intelligence Reports. 🌟

In today's fast-paced and ever changing market, staying informed about your brand's performance is more critical than ever — but can be overwhelmingly challenging. How do members of organizations at all levels stay updated without getting bogged down in data?

Introducing Headset Intelligence Reports: Brand Beat, a new email service from Headset that delivers the data you need directly to your inbox. With the new Brand Beat service, you have a new way of receiving contextual information on market trends with commentary all backed by Headset’s real-time data. This new report is delivered weekly, monthly and quarterly via email offering a distilled, actionable view of your brand’s performance, tailored for those who make the big decisions.

How Organizations Have Been Leveraging the Brand Beat Reports

  1. Weekly Kickstarts: Individuals across different roles are beginning their week informed and ready. The data in each report provides team members with the insight they need to drive and adjust strategic direction, planning, promotion and pricing within the market.
  2. Management Meetings with a Pulse: Get everyone on the same page as leadership teams are elevating their weekly discussions by grounding them in real, actionable insights. No more speculations, just data-driven strategies.
  3. Drive Decisions with Retail Partners: Collaborate more effectively with retail outlets by understanding market trends and adjusting strategies in real-time.
  4. Track Competitive Insights: Go beyond your brand and track competitive or partner brands by configuring those brands to be delivered directly to your inbox to see what’s working and what’s not.

Inside the Brand Beat Email

  • Market and Brand Overview: Quick KPIs to see how you’re tracking vs. the broader market and a summary of critical areas that warrant attention
  • Product Performance: Identify products are soaring, and which need support? With the top products highlighted on total sales $ and units and % change vs. the previous period.
  • Competitive Mix: Gain or lose? Benchmark with precision against nearby competitors in your category. Track market share gains on a weekly basis.
  • Actionable, Timely, Essential. The Brand Beat Email: Your brand's heartbeat, delivered directly to you. Make more informed decisions, every week, every month, every quarter.
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