June 24, 2020

Cannabis Market Overview June 2020

A monthly overview of the cannabis market for June 2020
Written by
Blake Fery
Published on
June 24, 2020
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Welcome to our monthly cannabis market overview. We've compiled five metrics for four legal cannabis markets to help you monitor and compare market performance.

Metric Definitions

  • Total sales = the total amount of sales for the month.
  • YoY sales growth = calculates the percentage change in total sales from the same month last year.
  • Basket count = is the total amount of transactions for the month.
  • Average basket = total revenue divided by the total number of transactions.
  • Brand concentration = is the % of the market that the top 10 brands make up (in terms of sales dollars). EX: in CA in Dec 2019 the top 10 brands held 32% market share.


The California Market

This month Pacific Stone’s Wedding Cake (Eighth) dominated sales for the brand, contributing 19% of total brand sales and saw 3 consecutive weeks of over $200k in sales.


The Colorado Market

Colorado Cannabis CO’s Gorilla Chronic Distillate Cartridge (Half Gram) saw steady growth through the month increasing from $38k within the first full week of sales to over $115k by the last week of the month.


The Nevada Market

Shango’s Miracle Alien Cookies (Ounce) saw significant sales within the first full week of May with sales over $120k. You can pick up the 28 grams for about $160 average item price.


The Washington Market

This month, Northwest Cannabis Solution’s top 4 products: Jesus OG (Ounce & Half Ounce), Green Crack (Half Ounce), Blue Dream (Ounce) are all very large package sizes indicating that Washingtonians were continuing to buy in bulk for the month of May - likely influenced by the extended COVID-19 ‘Stay at Home’ order. Combined sales of these products totaled over $530k for the month.

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