May 19, 2020

Cannabis Market Overview May 2020

A monthly overview of the cannabis market for May 2020
Written by
Cassie Thielen
Published on
May 19, 2020
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Welcome to our monthly cannabis market overview. We've compiled five metrics for four legal cannabis markets to help you monitor and compare market performance.

Metric Definitions

  • Total sales = the total amount of sales for the month.
  • YoY sales growth = calculates the percentage change in total sales from the same month last year.
  • Basket count = is the total amount of transactions for the month.
  • Average basket = total revenue divided by the total number of transactions.
  • Brand concentration = is the % of the market that the top 10 brands make up (in terms of sales dollars). EX: in CA in Dec 2019 the top 10 brands held 32% market share.

The California cannabis market
The California cannabis market

The California Market

This month, Stiizy saw significant growth from their top selling product, Purple Punch Cartridge (Gram). By the 4th week of April, sales topped over $96k, tripling since the first week of sales of $30k

The Colorado cannabis market
The Colorado cannabis market

The Colorado Market

Veritas Alleviate Popcorn (Eighth) came out on top this month with total product sales reaching $47k within the first 2-weeks. Topping over all bulk flower products in favor of smaller “pop-corn“ style buds.

The Nevada cannabis market
The Nevada cannabis market

The Nevada Market

During the week of 420, Remedy saw a significant jump in flower sales as they topped over $486k for the week!

The Washington cannabis market
The Washington cannabis market

The Washington Market

Oleum’s top product was Gushers Honey Crystal (Gram) concentrate with sales over $61k for the month. Oleum sells them around $20 a unit, that’s $8 more than the average item price in the category ($12).

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