November 9, 2020

Cannabis Market Overview November 2020

We take a look at key metrics from the previous month such as total sales, brand concentration, and basket data across 11 states and provinces.
Written by
Liz Connors
Published on
November 9, 2020
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Welcome to our monthly cannabis market overview.

We look at five key metrics from the previous month to provide you with a pulse check on legal cannabis markets. The quick read will present data on total sales, year over year growth, basket count, and more. You'll find a few shout-outs for brands & companies that achieved something noteworthy as well. You can also keep track of these insights for free when you sign up for Insights Pulse.

Metric Definitions

  • Total sales = the total amount of sales for the month.
  • YoY sales growth = calculates the percentage change in total sales from the same month last year.
  • Basket count = is the total amount of transactions for the month.
  • Average basket = total revenue divided by the total number of transactions.
  • Brand concentration = is the % of the market that the top 10 brands make up (in terms of sales dollars). EX: in CA in Dec 2019 the top 10 brands held 32% market share.

Let’s get into it…

Alberta cannabis market overview

The Alberta cannabis market

Chowie Wowie was ranked number 3 in October and grew 31% between September and October within the Alberta market.

British Columbia cannabis market overview

The British Columbia cannabis market

Ignite Cannabis doubled their sales between August and September in British Columbia as well as added one new product, the Northern Lights cartridge (0.5g) to their cartridge collection.

California cannabis market overview

The California cannabis market

Level's market share of capsules has grown from 0.2% last October to an amazing 31% this October within the California market.

Colorado cannabis market overview

The Colorado cannabis market

The majority (83.3%) of sales for Incredibles come from the Chocolate segment, which has grown 39% comparing this October to last October.

Massachusetts cannabis market overview

The Massachusetts cannabis market

Michigan cannabis market overview

The Michigan cannabis market

Nevada cannabis market overview

The Nevada cannabis market

Shango was ranked number 1 in Flower sales within the Nevada market, even with an average item price of $43.54, which is $15 higher than the 2nd ranked brand in October.

Ontario cannabis market overview

The Ontario cannabis market

Houseplant was ranked number 2 in the Beverage category in September and is now making well over $100K a month in Ontario after only being in the market since May.

Oregon cannabis market overview

The Oregon cannabis market

Gron is ranked 2nd within the Edible category in the Oregon market with an average item price of $12.70, which is close to $2 less than the first ranked brand.

The Saskatchewan cannabis market

Bold was ranked number 7 in the Pre-Roll category in September but has grown 55% comparing sales in August to sales in September within the Saskatchewan market.

Washington cannabis market overview

The Washington cannabis market

Delectable Dabs was ranked number 3 this October in concentrates and has seen an average increase of 22% month over month since June within the Washington market.

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