April 1, 2020

Mother’s Day - Moms’ support of cannabis grows

Mother’s Day retail data along with full-throated support from mom bloggers show the shifting demographics of cannabis
Written by
Cooper Ashley
Published on
April 1, 2020
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As cannabis legalization spreads to more states, the stigma surrounding mothers who use THC (both medically and recreationally) is diminishing.

While many moms who use cannabis may not feel comfortable admitting it publicly just yet, data from the cannabis market intelligence company Headset shows a definite increase in cannabis-related purchases around the weekend of Mother’s Day. Not surprisingly, Mother’s Day purchases tend towards gifts and novelties such as hot cocoa, bath salts, and chocolate edibles.

In fact, the sales of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate went up 50 percent on Mother’s Day weekend in 2018. There was also a 7 percent increase in the purchase of pre-rolled joints. This could be because mom doesn’t own a bong, or it could be because her children decided to make a quick purchase once they arrived in a legal state.

While the data doesn’t tell us exactly how or by whom these products are being consumed, it does show a correlation with cannabis buying trends around mom’s big day, indicating that moms are an important demographic of shifting cannabis trends. 

Mother’s Day and cannabis

Recently, The Atlantic reported on cannabis products that are specifically aimed at mothers, especially sublingual sprays. It is possible that mothers would prefer the odorless, fast acting spray to smoking.

A rise in blogs such as The Stoner Mom or Marijuana Mommy are helping to normalize the responsible use of cannabis for mothers. These aren’t “stoners,” these are mothers and activists. And it’s not just cannabis specific blogs. Last year, writer (and mother) Jessica Delfino who runs Lil Mamas, penned a piece for High Times Magazine about supporting moms who get high. Delfino turned to cannabis to ease anxiety after a divorce. She says it makes her a more relaxed and focused mother – something that’s better for her and her kids.

The stigma surrounding cannabis doesn’t usually come from close friends or fellow mothers, however. Alisha, a mom in Massachusetts, says, “My friends are pretty progressive. I have some that are hesitant, but if I want to [smoke] around them, they are cool with it. However, I wouldn’t pressure them to do it!”


How to buy weed for mom? 

It should go without saying that you shouldn’t buy THC-based gifts for someone who has not directly expressed an interest in using cannabis. However, if your mom has pain and you are trying to find a gift to give her relief, you may want to consider non-psychoactive CBD-based products.

When shopping for mom, look for high-end chocolate edibles, sprays or roll-on tinctures as opposed to something too “stoner-y.” In other words, don’t buy mom that glass Lord of the Rings bong just yet.

When chatting with your budtender, be aware that it isn’t legal to purchase cannabis for someone else. Because your license is on file, a budtender can’t sell you cannabis products that you are directly purchasing for another person (with their money), but they can sell you something to give as a gift. 


Share a joint with mom

Kat is a mother of a 17-year-old son who lives in Colorado. She says she never considered cannabis as a gift until her mother asked her to purchase some two years ago to help with Restless Leg Syndrome. Kat now smokes once or twice a month. Her mother, she says, smokes once every three months or so.

“Honestly, ten years ago, it would never have happened. But people grow. We become adults.”

And, while you may want to share a pre-rolled with your mom when you’re in your 30s, remember that the legal age to purchase cannabis without a medical card in the United States is still 18-years-old.

In any case, whether you choose to gift cannabis products or something else for mom, make sure to show them your love and appreciation. To all the moms in the world, thank you for all you do. Happy Mothers’ Day.

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