January 17, 2020

New product version - Headset Bridge 2.0

A new version of our Vendor-Retailer Intelligence tool
Written by
Jewel Loree
Published on
January 17, 2020
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Headset Bridge 2.0 is here. At Headset, we’ve incorporated many of the requests we’ve received to create a newly updated platform. 

In this version, we’ve moved to Looker as our data platform provider, so expect slicker looking visualizations and easier access to data. It’s also now faster for us to develop and iterate on. That means there will be able to deliver more features in the weeks and months ahead.

Headset Bridge 2.0 Email Dashboard
Headset Bridge 2.0 Email Dashboard

A new platform

The new platform makes it possible to set email reports with ease. The new emailing feature lets you email yourself and your colleagues any Headset Bridge dashboard right from within the system. All the filters and preferences that you set will be remembered, and you are able to choose the format from three options: PDF, Image, or CSV. You can also schedule recurring emails, so you can check your account daily.

Headset Bridge 2.0 also lets you export any of your data. Download any table, metric, or graph you see in Bridge by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner of the element. Alternatively, you can use the handy data export tool to get at exactly the granularity of the data you want. 

Headset Bridge 2.0 Report Download Dialog‍
Headset Bridge 2.0 Report Download Dialog

Improve your sales team enablement

The new Headset Bridge lets you assign account owners to specific stores. Assigning account owners makes it easy for them to filter down to the stores they’re responsible for.

You can also compare how your team is doing using the Account Rep Report. Reps can use the brand-new triage report to help quickly find which accounts are most in need of attention due to low sales, lack of product or because they were recently added. 


Headset Bridge 2.0 Accounts Management Dialog
Headset Bridge 2.0 Accounts Management Dialog

Vendor-Managed Inventory better than ever

Headset Bridge 2.0 improved its Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) capabilities. New inventory management features make it easier to stay on top of your inventory at all of your stores. We’ve also perfected the Average Daily Units calculation to only use non-zero days. This provides a more accurate representation of how much of a product you can sell when it is on the shelves.

Similarly, our redesigned Inventory Details page helps you pinpoint what products are almost out of stock - and will calculate how many days your supply will last. It also helps you review your overall stock history with a retailer (great for onboarding new sales associates), and it arms your sales team with potential loss revenue numbers that you can use to convince your retailers to keep your products on the shelves. 

Headset Bridge 2.0 Inventory Dashboard 
Headset Bridge 2.0 Inventory Dashboard 

The Reorder Report makes deciding order sizes easy. Select the number of weeks you’d like a supply to last.  Some like to order every two weeks, others like to do every four. Regardless, the system will use the Average Daily Units to calculate the exact number you need to send to your retailers.

There are also time period calculations, based on the previous 5 periods, so if you are targeting two weeks of supply, we will look at the last ten weeks, calculate the average units over each two-week period, and take the median to inform you of our suggested order size. This means unusual events like holidays, big sales, closures, or whatever else may come up, won’t affect the suggested order size. There’s no longer any need to come up with your own Par values for each product. Let data-driven suggestions do that for you. 

Make the most of Headset Bridge 2.0 today

We’ve delivered a lot of new features that we are super proud of, but we aren’t done yet. Faster iteration times means we’ll constantly release new features to help you work better and increase your profitability.

We want to hear from you. What do you need to be successful? What questions are you trying to answer with Headset

If you have thoughts or want to chat about the future of Headset Bridge, reach out to our PM Jewel Loree at

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