January 5, 2023

Product updates, year in review

Let’s take a look at some key product milestones in 2022.
Written by
Joe Cullen
Published on
January 5, 2023
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At Headset, we’re constantly innovating to help meet our customer’s needs and this past year was no exception. Let’s take a look at some key product milestones in 2022.

In Q1…

We released a new add-on to the Bridge platform to help brands measure in-store marketing performance. This new dashboard, aptly named Bridge Marketing, analyzes sales lift, consumer demographics, and slow-moving products to help brands develop smarter co-marketing initiatives with their retail partners.

Two new metadata attributes were added to Insights, CBG and CBN, which is especially relevant given the growing popularity of these two minor cannabinoids. To learn more about metadata traits and how to incorporate them into your own analysis, sign up for this training session with our Customer Success Team.

Sign up for live training with our CS Team to better understand metadata attributes, like CBG & CBN.

And we supplemented Retailer’s segmentation dashboards with an analysis of segment demographics. Now, retailers who collect consumer data can better understand the underlying characteristics of a “Champion” vs. “At Risk” customer to help create more targeted messaging and marketing tactics.

In Q2…

We brought back our beloved Data Nights. This isn’t a new “product” per se, but data education and community networking is a critical part of Headset’s mission, and we were ecstatic to share the latest market insights with both Denver and Toronto communities. Stay tuned for our upcoming 2023 Data Nights, coming soon.

Data Nights coming to a city near you in 2023…(photo from Chicago data night)

In Q3…

Insights data got a little sunnier with the addition of Florida Insights. The inclusion of an entirely vertical market was a first for the Headset Team, and we’re grateful to our Analytics Team for developing an entirely new methodology and data process along the way, outlined here.

New markets, MA & FL, bring our total market coverage to 15 states and provinces across the US & Canada.

Massachusetts Insights also broke ground, our first East Coast data-set with product-level granularity (other markets, like Maryland, stop at the category-level). You can learn more about this fast-growing market in our free industry report here.

In Q4…

We launched Bridge Signal, introducing an entirely new data-set to Headset’s POS-derived database. Powered directly by online menu data, Bridge Signal is a real time, mobile-friendly tool that tracks promotions, price changes, and product trends across all legal US and Canadian markets. This new layer of data was a key addition to the Headset ecosystem, and creates yet another reason for customers to leverage Headset as their one-stop shop analytics solution.

For those on the go, Bridge Signal transitions seamlessly between mobile and desktop-friendly experiences.

And to bookend the year, we released a new dashboard in Retailer called Price Band Analysis, which helps retailers visualize their store’s pricing landscape and understand how price point influences product sales — a great tool to use in your holiday recap analysis, more information on the new dashboard here.

From all of us at Headset, we want to thank YOU, our clients, for your input, product feedback, and thoughtful commentary — and we hope you continue to be just as loud in 2023. As a reminder, you can always engage with our Product Team through this link here and keep tabs on the latest product updates. Here’s to another year of growth!

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