March 11, 2020

Top British Columbia cannabis strains

The latest sales data for British Columbia cannabis including strain & effect info. Discover which strains are gaining in popularity.
Written by
Cy Scott
Published on
March 11, 2020
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British Columbia is world-renown for its cannabis strains due to their rich environment and long history growing the product. This article provides information on the top-selling strains based on recent sales.


Inside this article you'll find:

  • Top-selling B.C. strains by sales
  • Top B.C. strains by cannabis plant type
  • Notable changes in strain ranking
  • Best Outdoor Cannabis B.C. Strains

Top-selling B.C. strains by sales volume 

While there are differences in the top strains regarding Indica vs. Sativa dominance, the data suggests that the best-sellers are ranking because consumers are looking for products with high THC content.

Top 10 British Columbia cannabis strains by sales volume
Top 10 British Columbia cannabis strains by sales volume

Top-selling B.C. strains sold as pre-roll and flower

Top-selling pre-roll products in British Columbia vary between Sativa dominant and Indica dominant strains, with THC content as low as 5% to up to a robust 21%.

The best-selling flower strains in B.C. closely track to the overall top-selling strains in B.C.
The best-selling flower strains in B.C. closely track to the overall top-selling strains in B.C.

Most popular British Columbia cannabis strains by category Flower
Most popular British Columbia cannabis strains by category Flower

Top flower strains in B.C. by segment

It’s no surprise that the most popular strain for hybrid, Indica, Sativa, and CBD also top the best-selling B.C. strain and flower sales (listed above). Interestingly, none of the top flower strains are on the top pre-roll sales chart.

Most popular British Columbia cannabis Flower strains by segment
Most popular British Columbia cannabis Flower strains by segment

Notable changes in rank

Pink Kush moved from the number ten spot in March 2019 to the number one spot in B.C.cannabis sales in October 2019. Tangerine Dream had a similar surge in popularity making the jump from number eight to number two in the same period.

The Pink Kush (Indica dominant) and Tangerine Dream (Sativa dominant) strains both won top awards in the 2019 Canadian Cannabis Awards and considering sales numbers, consumers agree. Both are go-to strains for medicinal cannabis users because of their ability to provide relief from a variety of conditions and widely available.

B.C. strains losing in popularity 

In March 2019, Super Silver Haze (Sativa dominant) was the best-selling strain in B.C. — and then fell off the top selling charts in October 2019, while Skunk Haze (Sativa dominant) fell from ninth place to a low fiftieth in the same period. 

Why British Columbia has the top strains in the world

British Columbia has a worldwide reputation with consumers as the gold standard in cannabis plants. There’s a happy confluence of factors that contribute to the quality and appeal of B.C. cannabis from climate to sheer potency. Here are some of the significant factors in B.C. strain’s popularity:

  • Climate: The B.C. “Banana Belts” provide mild, just-right precipitation and outdoor growing conditions. The result is a long, late spring and summer growing season that supports fast, lush, high-quality cannabis plant growth.
  • Natural Resources: Vast natural water reserves, favorable microclimates, and fertile soil also support ideal cultivating conditions. Outdoor crops on a mountain, ideally situated among the canopy for maximum sun exposure and access to clean water sources, make for excellent plants.
  • Grower Sophistication: Cannabis has been cultivated in B.C. since 1931 when it was grown during the Prohibition-era for (illegal) export to Americans. In general, law enforcement was lax during the cannabis ban in Canada in the 20th and early 21st centuries, and counterculture cannabis enthusiasts and sellers took advantage of the liberal environment. Decades of growing and experimentation have fostered uniquely skilled growers.
  • Potency: Cannabis cultivation expertise has led to today’s B.C. cannabis, which is extremely powerful compared to strains from earlier decades. THC concentration has tested as high as 30% in some strains.

Curious to see how British Columbia sales trends match up to other markets? Check out Headset’s Cannabis Market Overview.

Tips for choosing and buying B.C. marijuana seeds

When you’re choosing or buying B.C. cannabis seeds, there are two things to look for: proper sourcing and feminized seeds.

  • Where to Find Quality Cannabis Seeds: After you’ve researched the type of cannabis you want to grow and reputable sources, you can source quality planting B.C. cannabis seeds in dispensaries, hydroponic stores, and legal producer websites.
  • Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Marijuana plants are either male or female: male plants usually won’t yield a good plant harvest, except for a crop of seeds. Female marijuana plants eliminate male chromosomes, which results in abundant plant growth.

Best outdoor cannabis strains for B.C.

Almost all cannabis plants prefer climates akin to the Mediterranean area–such as the West Coast of North America. If you’re planning to grow cannabis outside, take advantage of the high-quality B.C. strains cultivated for that purpose. When you plant outside, be sure to consult a timing guide, either online or in print, to get the most out of your crop.

Best B.C. seeds/strains to grow outdoors
Best B.C. seeds/strains to grow outdoors

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