Cannabis sales trends from Thanksgiving 2021

December 1, 2021
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As predicted, Green Wednesday saw a big increase in cannabis sales across the US, with a 33% increase in total retail sales in comparison to the previous four Wednesdays. The average discount was up by 29% on Green Wednesday, rising from 12.9% during the previous four Wednesdays to 16.7% on Green Wednesday. Black Friday, on the other hand, did not have the sales growth we've seen in previous years. Black Friday actually saw a slight decrease in total sales (-4.6%) versus the previous four Fridays. However, Black Friday was certainly the day to find a deal on cannabis. Average discounts rose from 13.5% on the previous four Fridays to 21.0% on Black Friday, an increase of 56%!

When we look at cannabis categories over the holiday, Edibles were the winners of the weekend with 67% growth on Green Wednesday and 11% growth on Black Friday. Topicals and Tinctures rounded out the top three performing categories on Black Friday with 39% and 10% growth respectively. On Green Wednesday, Beverages performed best with 86% growth (perhaps customers were opting for canna-beverages rather than wine during the Thanksgiving meal). Capsules also had a strong sales response with 52% growth over the previous four Wednesdays.