Top Vapor Pen Extraction Types and brands (CA, CO, NV, PA, OR, & WA)

June 24, 2021
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Explore detailed trends in the market with Insights Premium, down to even Vapor Pen Extraction Types! When we look across our US markets (CA, CO, NV, PA, OR, & WA), and filter out Unknowns and Others, a few trends jump out. California's market share of Live Resin is 61%. This is the ONLY market in this group that doesn't have their top Extraction Type as Distillate. Nevada has a 6% market share of Live Flower, and Pennsylvania has a 36% market share of CO2. When we look at brands, we notice that PurePenn's most popular Extraction Type is Distillate. Rythm added Live Resin sales last year, but CO2 is their most popular Extraction Type. And STIIIZY is growing across all of their Vapor Pen Extraction Types.