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Best cannabis vacations for the price conscious consumer

Jan 17, 2020

With recreational cannabis legal in ten states, plus the District of Columbia, there’s no shortage of cannabis friendly vacations. However, just because a state has legalized adult use cannabis consumption, doesn’t necessarily mean it is tourist friendly.

In Vermont, cannabis is technically legal, but the state hasn’t approved a retail marketplace - so there’s no place to buy it. Michigan has also legalized adult use cannabis consumption, but as of this writing, the program is not yet live. Expect it to launch at the end of 2019.

Lucky for the cannabis vacation traveler, there are plenty of destinations to visit and some are even easy on the budget.

Washington D.C.

Like Vermont, Washington D.C. is legal for adult consumption, but not commercial sales. Yet, a grey quasi-legal system has sprouted up with a gift economy. For example, a consumer can buy a T-shirt and then receive  a free cannabis product. Tourists would need to find out about such events through social media website, although some say law enforcement has begun to crack down on these events. Still, there are numerous delivery services with very public websites. Once you’ve consumed, there are plenty of free museums to visit and monuments to tour.

Average cost of 1 gr of cannabis in Washington D.C.: $18.08


It may be a long way to go, but everyone says a trip to Alaska is life changing. Alaska isn’t necessarily inexpensive for cannabis with average price of $10.82 per gram. What Alaska does have to offer soon is something no other state has accomplished - on-site consumption. The regulations take effect on April 11, but there may be a lag time before it is actually available. The Marijuana Control Board said it doesn’t expect to get applications until July. While there, you can hike through Denali or jump on a boat in Juneau to see glaciers up close.

Average cost of 1 gr of cannabis in Alaska: $10.82


If you are looking for a bargain destination that has beauty and legal adult use cannabis, head to Massachusetts. While Boston has a lot to offer, Bean Town will cost you, well, a lot of beans. Instead, head to the Berkshires. There are numerous recreational dispensaries located in the area. Herman Melville, Susan B Anthony and Norman Rockwell all have ties to the area. Besides museums, there’s also the natural beauty of the mountains. In the summer, there are numerous stock theatre companies and dance troupes like Jacobs Pillow that perform.

Average cost of 1 gr of cannabis in Massachusetts: $10.18


For the canna traveler, the experience of visiting north California can be very different from the southern part of the state. For the budget conscious traveler, skip San Francisco and head further north to Humboldt County. There you can camp among the majestic Redwood and Sequoia trees. Eureka is part of The Emerald Triangle, the largest cannabis producing region in the U.S. It’s also a great home base for travel.

Average cost of 1 gr of cannabis in California: $8.93


Visitors will be able to enjoy the cheapest lobster in the country and the beautiful national park Acadia. The coast line is stunning and there are plenty or reasonable places to stay. If you’re really on a budget, there are campgrounds to stay in that are close to the coast. Check out Portland for great coffee and rent some kayaks for a super day.

Average cost of 1 gr of cannabis in Maine: $8.41


If you head to Las Vegas, it’s all about the glitz and shows. Canna tourists can visit the Cannabis museum in Las Vegas and check out the world’s largest bong. Then there’s Planet 13, the largest dispensary with a drone operated lighted orb show. For a more subdued experience, you can also check out Tahoe. Laze around the lake, or if you’re feeling ambitious, hike Emerald Bay.

Average cost of 1 gr of cannabis in Nevada: $8.37


Colorado is the OG of canna travel. It was the first state to legalize adult use cannabis and capitalize on the canna tourist. Colorado is also an outdoor enthusiasts dream. From Rocky Mountain National Park to Mesa Verde to the Garden of the Gods, there is no shortage of natural beauty in Colorado. Up for a different type of high? Colorado has 53 fourteeners - mountains over 14,000 feet in elevation. Pikes Peak is one of the more frequently visited, since you can drive to the summit.

Average cost of 1 gr of cannabis in Colorado: $7.14


High in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is the perfect blend of urban sophistication and hipster grunge. Buy a CityPASS to get you into 5 main attractions - everything from a harbour tour to the famous Space Needle, the Seattle Aquarium and The Museum of Pop Culture. The state is known for its glass artists and it wouldn’t be a great canna trip without visiting a glass blower and getting a Washington state glass pipe.  

Average cost of 1 gr of cannabis in Washington: $6.81


Oregon’s oversupply of product has earned this state to honor of having the cheapest cannabis prices. The state has some of the best coffee and outdoor activities. There are fun things to do like Puff, Pass & Paint or The Potlandia Experience which is a Rock and Roll trip around Portland, designed to give you the ultimate sightseeing tour in a very cool consumption bus (yes, you can smoke on the bus!).

Average cost of 1 gr of cannabis in Oregon:$6.65

So whether you are an avid hiker, a history enthusiast, a museum geek, a beach goer or an urban lover, across the legal cannabis states, you have plenty of places to visit and enjoy some nice legal herbs. For the cost-conscious cannabis traveler, the pacific northwest looks like the place for you. Wherever you end up going we hope you enjoy the sights and the highs!