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Introducing British Columbia Market Insights

Team Headset
February 18, 2020

Our second provincial read is now live, bringing more coverage to the ever-growing Canadian market! With Headset Insights, you can now dive deep into the B.C. market to understand how legal cannabis is shaping up, allowing you to better position your business for success. What can you do with Insights? You'll be able to answer questions like, "what is the potential opportunity in the B.C. market?", "how do I enter the market and at what price point?", "what does the competitive landscape look like in B.C.?", and more.

You can do all the same things with B.C. Insights as our other full-market reads. Monitor sales and product category share, as well as understand which brands are dominating the market and compare brands on product types, sizes, and prices. Headset Insights also still makes it possible to export data to blend with other sources to conduct your own analysis.

Full market insight, now available in B.C.

Market Overview Dashboard

Sales and Unit Volume by Category

Average Item Price by Category

Bringing new markets online

While Headset works hard to show you trends across the cannabis industry in a simple, clear way, pulling the data from POS systems at the receipt-level into Headset Insights is complex, to say the least. We take data directly from the point of sale in retail stores, aggregate it and then anonymize it before making a statistical model (controlling for biases) to project the data to the entire marketplace. While we work on sourcing more data to get you real-time insights, the current read provides you with the most up-to-date information possible, currently looking at market data from last September through November. As more B.C. retailers and dispensaries come online, the model will start updating in real-time.

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