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New Market – Headset Insights Canada

Jan 17, 2020

Headset aims to grow to serve more businesses in more cannabis markets. To that goal, we’re proud to announce: Headset Insights is available in Canada! Our competitive intelligence tool went live in Alberta. And that’s not all, along with adding Alberta to our market read, we’ve made a few incremental changes that all subscribers can take benefit from.

With the additional updates to Headset Insights, everyone will now be able to see how the Alberta market is shaping up in terms of sales and product category share, as well as understand which brands are dominating their market and compare brands on product types, sizes, and prices. Headset Insights also makes it possible to export data to blend with other sources to do your own analysis with.

Headset Alberta Insights Cannabis Market Overview
Headset Alberta Insights Cannabis Market Overview

All the benefits, now in Alberta

Given the challenges that come with incorporating a new market with a different currency, we took the opportunity to revisit some existing dashboards and make some improvements.

We’ve upgraded the Market Overview dashboard with new visualizations, making it easier to glean actionable insights from.

Average Item Price by Cannabis Category in Alberta Canada
Average Item Price by Cannabis Category in Alberta Canada

In addition to the Market Overview updates, we’ve added another overview dashboard that allows you to compare high-level metrics between all the Headset Insights markets, no matter what you are subscribed to. Now you can compare the size and trends of your market to all the other markets Headset has competitive intelligence for, including California, Colorado, Nevada, Washington and now Alberta

Cannab  Sales and Unit Volume by Category in Alberta Canada
Cannab  Sales and Unit Volume by Category in Alberta Canada

These upgrades will be available to all Headset Insights users, not just Alberta subscribers.

Bringing new markets online

While Headset makes seeing trends across the cannabis industry look simple, getting data from POS systems at the receipt-level to Headset Insights is a very complex process. We take data directly from the point of sale in retail stores and make a statistical model (controlling for biases) to project the data to the entire marketplace. The more data we have, the more accurate our projections are. 

Because the Alberta market is so new, Alberta Insights is not running in real-time like other markets on the Headset platform. In order to provide a sound model, we’ve released data from March through June. As more Alberta retailers and dispensaries come online, the model will start updating in real-time.

We’re always working to get more markets online and make Headset Insights as helpful as possible. In addition to the Alberta market, we’ve recently created a special add-on tool that focuses specifically on CBD products. You can learn more about it here.

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