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Cannabis Market Overview January 2020

Feb 10, 2020

Welcome to our monthly cannabis market overview.

We've compiled five key metrics from the previous month to give you a pulse check on 10 legal cannabis markets. The quick read will overview info on total sales, year-over-year growth, basket size, and more. You'll also find a few shoutouts for brands & companies that are doing something noteworthy.

Let’s get into it…

The Alberta Market

A top player in AB with both Flower and Pre-Rolls, Canaca is bringing some movement to the market last month. In particular, they are seeing success with their Blend 14 Pre-Roll 3-Pack (1.5 gram total weight) which retails for about $15 before taxes.

The British Columbia Market

The California Market

Lot's of movement in the market this past month, quick shout out to Cheeba Chews for gaining traction with their edibles!

The Colorado Market

Altus is a stand out brand in Colorado that makes capsules, topicals, and gummies. Their gummies are marketed based on flavor and mood with Blueberry and Chill and Kiwi and Comfort among other flavors. They've been seeing significant growth in the past month.

The Illinois Market

The Massachusetts Market

The Maryland Market

The Nevada Market

Recently launched in NV in 2019, Plus is taking their extremely popular gummies outside of CA and bringing them to market in NV. They've already seen over $500K in sales since launching the product there!

The Oregon Market

The Washington Market

Hellavated Vapes released new vapor pens after the flavor ban in WA took place in October 2019. Three new major products: Hybrid Blendz, Sativa Blendz, and Indica Blendz all $25 before taxes for a 1 gram cartridge have been selling well and helping the brand recover from the vaping crisis.