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New product – Headset CBD Insights

Jan 17, 2020

As our recent market report suggests, the CBD market is becoming a wider share of the cannabis industry. In light of this, we’ve created a set of dashboards to help our customers keep pace with the market. To accompany our Headset Insights tool, CBD Insights will allow users to analyze this expanding sector of the industry and maximize their opportunities within it.

We’ve added analysis that will help you better understand CBD products within recreational cannabis markets, including what categories and segments are resonating with consumers and how the products compare with traditional cannabis products.

High-level CBD market analysis

Headset CBD Insights – CBD Product Sales & Market Share

It’s important to understand the size of this CBD market and how it is growing. To help, we compare growth between different categories. When you add CBD Insights to your Headset Insights subscription, you’ll have access to all CBD categories, regardless of what categories you’re currently subscribed to.

Headset CBD Insights – CBD Sales by Category

You’ll see how the addition of CBD changes price strategies across categories, both at the retail price level and the equivalized price per milligram.

Headset CBD Insights – CBD Category Average Item Price

Packaging trends

We’ve all seen hemp-derived CBD hitting the shelves at natural markets and drug stores across the country. Headset is in a unique position to see how this new trend interacts with the recreational market, as well as how people are factoring in THC to their CBD purchases.

Headset CBD Insights – Sales Volume by CBD Product Type

Visualization screens display data with the popular ratios of CBD:THC to help you understand which blends are resonating with consumers. For example, cannabis beverages only tend to come in a standard 1:1 dosage, whereas tinctures & sublinguals show a much greater diversity in ratios.

Headset CBD Insights – Category Sales by CBD:THC Ratio

Dig into specific categories and segments

Producers and manufacturers can dig deeper into product categories to really understand how their competition is incorporating CBD into their products, how those products are being priced, and potential areas for product innovation and growth opportunity.

Headset CBD Insights – Pricing Landscape for CBD Products

Retailers can understand what products are selling well and determine how to better stock their store shelves to meet the shifting customer demand.

Headset CBD Insights – % Sales by CBD Segment

These are just a few of the popular use cases, but you can glean many more insights into the CBD market with these new dashboards. We’re committed to constantly improving Headset Insights to provide you with relevant, actionable data in real-time. We will be opening up new markets as well in the near future. 

We want to hear from you. What do you need to be successful? What questions are you trying to answer with Headset? Submit feature requests and ideas to our Product Board Portal.

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