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The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts? Weed Lube and Flowers, Apparently

Mar 27, 2020

Valentine’s Day, the sexiest Hallmark holiday, is here again. While many people will be out there buying cards and flowers and uninfused chocolates, we wanted to see what the weed-loving lovers of the world buy, so we pulled a bunch of data on the big day. If you guessed weed lube, you are absolutely not wrong, but Valentine’s Day increases top line sales almost across the board.

On Valentine’s Day of 2019, every state except Colorado saw a sales increase over the previous four Thursdays, with Washington and Oregon enjoying the biggest boosts. Colorado is not for lovers, apparently, as they saw 5.2% lower sales that day.

The fact that sales go up makes sense, though, as Valentine’s Day is an inherently social holiday and cannabis consumption is an inherently social act. Indeed, there’s even a dating app dedicated to linking up people who love cannabis.