The women of Headset

Mar 24, 2021

Women's History Month is upon us, and what a great time to talk about the incredible women we have working at Headset! Our ladies make up almost 30% of our employees, and their contributions are felt across the board. From engineering, to project management, to sales and customer success and support, you'll find women in every department. Our team also comes from a variety of backgrounds with big name companies like HEB, Tableau, and Hanes, to more non-traditional settings like non-profits, school districts, and food service! These varied backgrounds contribute to the success of the team, providing empathy and insight, as well as a well-rounded group experience. You could not ask for a more dynamic group of women, and we are looking forward to adding more ladies to the team as Headset continues to grow. So what makes Headset a great place to work? Let our squad tell you from their own experience!

The women of Headset

Why do I love working at Headset?


I love working at Headset, because our founders have set a standard of community that is centered around values that we can all believe in. Our culture is extremely important, and we all work to guard it fiercely. I've seen how much culture impacts a community, especially during this pandemic, and I've come to really cherish the trust and camaraderie that we've built as a team.


I love working at Headset, because I'm surrounded by the best people!


I love working for Headset because our team truly cares about each other and our clients. We encourage and are thankful for all the feedback we receive from our many users. Our team takes that feedback and tries to implement as much as we can to help people navigate the cannabis space with confidence!


This may sound cheesy, but one of the things I love the most about working at Headset is how much I believe in our company values. I’ve never had such a connection to a company’s long-term vision and goals. Our team is more than passionate about empowering industry operators with data & analytics, and we are constantly collecting feedback and creating, building, and growing with our clients. This makes my job exciting, challenging, and extremely rewarding.


Being a part of Headset, and the cannabis industry, over the last three years has had a profound impact on my life. The strong vision, empathetic culture and passionate community within our company has enabled myself, and our other team members, to use our natural and learned talents to do the best work we can as individuals, which has resulted in collective success for our partners, and the greater industry.

I believe it's because of Headset's ethos that our team is consistently recognized within the community, not just for great insights and innovative software, but for being genuine people to work with.