Solutions for all aspects of cannabis

Headset’s mission is to provide organizations with the analytics necessary to succeed in cannabis. Headset provides solutions to a variety of clients both operating within the cannabis space as well as ancillary service providers with exposure to cannabis.

For Cannabis Product Manufacturers, Processors, Distributors

For cannabis operators looking to maintain a competitive advantage and unlock new opportunities Headset provides the tools to succeed. Stay ahead of the pack using real-time analytics to drive decisions, get insights into inventory on store shelves limiting stock out events and discover exciting sales trends driving new areas of growth for your business.

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For Cannabis Retailers, Dispensaries

For cannabis retailer and dispensaries, Headset provides insight into your own business data, making it easy to make quick and effective decisions around customer, transactions, pricing, promotions, inventory and staffing. With Headset's benchmarking capability, retailers and dispensaries can understand the broader market trends.

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For Financial Services

Headset provides essential services for financial institutions, from investment banks to venture capital, that are looking to understand market trends informing and supporting strategies within the financial sector. Headset's real-time data capabilities provide an edge for financial companies to outperform.

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For CPG, Beverage, Alcohol, Tobacco

The Consumer Package Goods (CPG), alcohol, tobacco and other fast-moving consumer goods benefit from Headset's insight into the competitive landscape, helping organizations understand risk to their brands from the emerging cannabis market to finding opportunities in this new exciting vertical.

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For Services, Supply, Hardware

Consulting services, suppliers and hardware manufacturers leverage Headset data to find market opportunities, identifying top brands and products that are ideal targets for a variety of services and support. The ability to quickly identify emerging trends gives Headset subscribers advantages vs. the competition.

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