Market Spotlight: New York Cannabis Retail

Explore the dynamic landscape of the New York cannabis market with our in-depth webinar hosted by Headset. This session delves into essential market trends, retail analytics, and strategic insights that can elevate your business in the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Key Topics Covered:

Market Trends and Analytics: Discover the latest data on sales trends, consumer behavior, and market dynamics.

Operational Efficiencies: Learn how to reduce out-of-stock events by 19.6% and increase revenue by over 30% using Bridge brand strategies.

Inventory Management: Gain insights on how a Washington client cut inventory carry costs by 42% through vendor partnerships.

RFM Segmentation: Understand the nuances of RFM segmentation to enhance your marketing strategies and customer targeting.

Live Q&A Session: Get your questions answered live by our experts.

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