February 7, 2023

Boxer Six, elevating edibles through precision engineering and market data

In the cannabis industry, the dust is still very much “unsettled.” Brands, products, new form factors are still jockeying for position in a crowded
Written by
Joe Cullen
Published on
February 7, 2023
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In the cannabis industry, the dust is still very much “unsettled.” Brands, products, new form factors are still jockeying for position in a crowded field, especially in newer markets. For operators hoping to break ground, this free-for-all presents an opportunity to exploit “white space” and lay claim to uncharted territory. But in certain markets, like California, industry consolidation has begun, if not existed for many years at this point — and nowhere is that more apparent than in California’s edible market with just 3 brands controlling nearly 70% of consumer-end sales. Though fledgling brands may see this reality as an impediment to growth and consumer adoption, the team at Boxer Six saw it as an opportunity. We sat down with VP of Business Development, Ben Dampier, to learn more.

Boxer Six isn’t your average edible brand. With flavors like French 75 and Boulevardier and packaging that could double as a decorative home accessory, the brand’s product line is bringing an element of couture and sophistication to a segment with an increasingly mass-market feel. Ben alludes to this sentiment when talking about the inception of Boxer Six — “We didn’t just want to be another gummy company - we knew we could elevate the [gummy] experience.” And the Boxer Six team is putting just as much focus and energy into the product quality as they are into the brand’s aesthetic, leaning into precision engineering and their proprietary Quick Six™ Delivery nanotechnology method, which delivers effects in as little as six minutes.

Boxer Six cannabis edibles - elevated packaging and flavor profiles for an elevated experience

Two years in the making, the Boxer Six brand has been a labor of love, carefully developed by a team with rich industry experience. Knowing very well this industry’s dynamic and shifting landscape, the team’s first priority was to find a real-time data source that validated their assumptions — and for the development team, using Headset Insights as that source was a no-brainer, says Ben: “…looking at the population of dispensaries that Headset was already working with, and seeing the granular data available that I frankly haven’t seen at all in this industry made Headset a great fit for us.”

Sustainable manufacturing processes focus on waste reduction and minimal plastic use

The granularity of Headset data has afforded the Boxer Six team an opportunity to go beyond generic market and category-level trends. Specifically, the team saw the value-add in functional cannabinoids and wanted to better understand how consumers are responding: “there’s a much bigger story there when you start to drill into the data, how those attributes influence the customer’s perception of the value of that product.” Through a rigorous product-tagging process, Headset is able to track more granular attributes of cannabis products like flavor, strain, and cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, and CBG — we collectively refer to these product attributes as “metadata,” which Headset subscribers can analyze through 7 unique dashboards. Ranging from their 10:1 THC:CBD mango and blood orange flavored gummy to their 1:10 THC:CBD grapefruit guava flavored gummy, Boxer Six has developed a product line characterized by diverse meta-data traits, primarily flavor and cannabinoid type, to create multiple entry points for consumers.

Products containing CBN have grown by 16% YoY (12/‘21 - 12/‘22) in California edibles. CBN is one of ten metadata traits available for analysis in Headset Cannabis Insights.

Gummies, however, are just the first among many Boxer Six products — Ben anticipates a strong market response to their “nanopowder,” which delves into the beverage category but comes in powder form and easily mixes into a consumers’ beverage of choice: “I love our gummy line, but this nanopowder is a foundational product; it’s got a lot of legs and room to grow.” As the team continues to develop their brand and experiments with new form factors and metadata traits, they’ll be prioritizing consumer feedback as their benchmark: “The market will tell us our next move…and we’ll continue to listen. We’re gonna lean hard on Headset to help us do that.” Packages also contain QR codes that direct consumers to a feedback portal — and following the brand’s recent February 1st launch, California consumers can now get their hands on Boxer Six products and leave their own reviews. To check out where you can buy Boxer Six products, visit their website here.

About the Boxer Six Team.

Ben Dampier made his industry debut in 2016 and brings 18 years of sales and business development experience to the team. Ben is joined by other industry stalwarts, including Co-Founder and CEO Ron Glantz, an established CA cannabis operator and active political liaison and consultant for 15+ years. COO Mica Gross is a published biochemist with 15+ years of experience scaling up industry operations at some of the largest brands in CO and CA to ensure alignment with cGMP practices. Compliance and Quality Assurance Director, Liz Woodard, has 8 years of experience helping drive testing standards by working with state regulators to align with cGMP practices. Brand Manager, Matt Jimenez, has 20 years of experience working in premium segments of CPG, helping drive the Boxer Six brand and product build.

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