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Industry Report: Data-driven holiday planning for cannabis retail

October 14, 2020


We don't have to tell you that the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, and successful retailers plan for the season weeks, if not months, in advance. With the proper tools and reliable data, retailers can make more informed marketing decisions to boost revenue. But data must be compiled and analyzed to be useful and this can take a significant amount of time, especially considering everything else a cannabis retailer has to do to get ready for the holidays. Retailer Premium takes care of the analysis for you, serving as your very own analyst so you can continue to improve your marketing campaigns.

Executive Summary

This report uses retail data in effort to help you prepare for the holidays by examining last year’s sales and marketing performance from an example cannabis store called Emerald Valley. You'll be able to dig into what worked well for them and which strategies you can improve through data analytics. This analysis will be performed from the point of view of Emerald Valley’s Vancouver General Manager who is preparing for the holidays. The GM will use Retailer Premium to confirm what happened last year in terms of:

  • Weekly and daily sales patterns.
  • Category sales responses to the holiday season.
  • Discounts that were and were not successful.
  • Which referral sources were most effective at driving revenue, increasing basket size, and creating customers more likely to return.


All data for this report comes from the Headset Retailer Demo account, which provides sales data for a hypothetical “Emerald Valley” retail chain with five stores across Washington and Colorado. While this data is not real, it is realistic and a valuable example of how this analysis can be used in practice.

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