Announcing our new Purchase Method Dashboard

Team Headset
April 13, 2020

Pivoting to meet social distancing guidelines means stores are having to take full advantage of their online purchasing methods. Whether that be delivery or pickup, it's essential to have the tools at hand to track channel performance. Through Headset's Retailer platform, you can now access a new dashboard that's solely dedicated to helping you dig in and compare how sales differ across your, delivery, pickup and in-store channels.

In this post, we'll share some important tips for using the dashboard and provide a few examples of the insights it can help you uncover.

In order to use this dashboard, delivery transactions must be distinguishable from in-store transactions, usually made possible by a product add-on, such as "delivery fee" or "pick-up," which you would simply add to a customer's existing cart. You can then filter your store sales by that product name (i.e. "delivery fee") to analyze & compare top-line trends between your in-store & delivery components of your business.

Questions you can answer with the Purchase Method Dashboard

  • Which months experience higher volumes of deliveries and/or pickups?
  • Which categories are most likely to be in a delivery/pickup order?
  • What price are they paying for that category?
  • How do baskets compare across each channel?
  • What demographic is most likely to be wanting delivery/pickup to purchase their cannabis?
  • What day of week is the most popular for delivery and/or pickup orders?

Examples of how you can use the new dashboard

Example Analysis (1)

  • Situation: A pandemic has hit my community and I’m not sure which categories I should have in-stock.
  • Solution: Simply review the “% of Category Sales by Purchase Method graph and analyze the difference between the mix of products for the Delivery and Pick Up vs In-Store shopping.

Example Analysis (2)

  • Situation: I have an idea about offering a promotion for our delivery/pickup channel. I sense that the main demographic in the area I am is older. Would a promotion for delivery /pick up that's specific to that demographic be a good idea?
  • Solution: You can get an overall impression on how popular delivery or pick up is by looking at the top table “Delivery or Pick Up Statistics“. Then scrolling down to the bottom you can dive further into if an older demographic is already utilizing your delivery or pick up already.  

Example Analysis (3)

  • Situation: I need help determining how to staff my store. I’m not sure how many people I need at the register vs. creating the orders for curbside or delivery.
  • Solution: Look at the "hourly/day of week" visualizations to show when orders are largest vs. in-store transactions. - Purchasing Method Dashboard - Category Performance - Purchasing Method Dashboard - Day of Week / Hour Performance - Purchasing Method Dashboard - Demographics - Purchasing Method Dashboard

Headset's Retailer customer's can take advantage of this new dashboard today. Not using Headset Retailer yet? Learn more about our robust solution for Retailers and explore more dashboards you'll have access to.

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