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British Columbia


Welcome to the market overview of British Columbia cannabis, where you’ll find data to stay informed on the latest market & consumer trends for free. Track retail sales, product market share, and monitor today’s best selling cannabis products by category like flower, edibles, vapes, pre-rolls, and more. The data is refreshed daily to help you stay ahead of the market and keep an eye on the competition. Sign up for our newsletter for more free resources like industry reports, market data and more.

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British Columbia

cannabis sales

Compare and track total retail sales across today's legal cannabis markets.

British Columbia

 cannabis market share by category

Keep track of market share by category to understand which types of products consumers are buying. Data reflects retail sales from the last 90 days.

Best selling cannabis 

Tincture & Sublingual


British Columbia

Monitor the top selling cannabis products to stay ahead of the competition.

Avg. Price
Sales (30day)*
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THC Fast Acting Oral Quickstrip 10-Pack (100mg)
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CBD Fast Acting Oral Quickstrip 10-Pack (100mg CBD)
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Ranking is based on trailing 90 days units sold
No items found.
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