Revolutionizing Cannabis Inventory Processes with KSS & Headset

Struggling with inventory management headaches? This cannabis retail webinar provides an inside look at how Headset and Kiva Sales & Service partnered to solve common dispensary problems like overstocking, stockouts, and locked up capital.

Unlock the secrets of effective Vendor Managed Inventory in the ever-growing cannabis landscape. Kiva Sales & Services, leveraging the power of Headset's data analytics, presents an e-commerce solution designed to streamline, optimize, and elevate your inventory processes.

  • Discover how integrating real-time point-of-sale and inventory data into the KSS Live ordering platform, retailers gain visibility into what's selling and how fast. This enables KSS reps to suggest optimized reorders that reduce waste and ensure adequate stock levels.
  • Learn how retailers that have implemented this solution are saving hours per week on order management while doubling or tripling sales through stronger KSS and brand partnerships. The data connectivity delivers fresh inventory, maximizes shelf space, and frees up cash flow.
  • Find out how extensive privacy controls can be leveraged so that retailers maintain ownership of their data and approve sharing only with selected partners like KSS. If your dispensary deals with inaccurate reorders and inefficient inventory, this webinar provides an inside look at how leading cannabis brands are turning data into higher sales and happier customers.

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