January 17, 2020

Cannabis Market Report: Valentine’s Day Cannabis Gifts

Cannabis chocolates, infused mocktails and topicals are top sellers for cannabis lovers
Written by
Blake Fery
Published on
January 17, 2020
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The cannabis market for Valentine’s Day in 2019 is once again expected to have between double-digit and triple-digit increases in almost all categories. The number of cannabis edibles for sales offline and online has grown exponentially this past year. We keep track of cannabis market reports and sales of over 50,000 cannabis products and report on the best selling cannabis gifts in four states.

As a cannabis market advisor, we have an idea for a truly romantic way to spend today with your Valentine. Start off by getting in the mood with a THC mocktail and some infused cannabis chocolates. Then relax in a nice hot bath with CBD oils, followed by romantic THC massage.

Sound like the perfect cannabis Valentine? It could be for cannabis lovers, based on sales trend data from past years. While Valentine’s Day didn’t boost dispensary sales in a meaningful way compared to other holidays like Green Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving) or 4/20, there were certain categories that popped.

Women led sales last year. In fact, they spent 4 percent more than normal on Valentine’s Day, while men spent 5 percent less. So, it looks like the ladies are gifting the men, while the guys are foregoing spending on themselves.

Cannabis Categories, Cupid Approved

Flowers have always been a popular way to say I love you, but when it comes to cannabis gifts, it’s women who are purchasing them. Spending was 7 percent higher for women on Valentine’s Day – even though men usually buy more flower than women. Yet, men sales on flower actually decreased, but increased on pre-rolls, edibles and topicals.

Beverages were a big winner for Valentine’s Day with sales jumping 20 percent more than on a typical weekday. Within that category “mocktails” had the largest jump with sales rising 596 percent above normal last year. Move over champagne and let’s celebrate instead with a THC cocktail!

Topicals were also a big hit as sales rose 20 percent last year on Valentine’s Day. Bath salts, soaks and scrubs all increased by 186 percent. Nothing shows how much you care than a cannabis gift that can ease their aching sore muscles. Romance is definitely on the minds of some cannabis lovers because massage oil and lubricant sales rose by 88 percent.

Women were also the buyers of top edibles. Who wants Godiva if your guy can give you infused cannabis chocolates? Last year cannabis chocolate sales increased by 52 percent and truffles sales rose by 125 percent. If you’ve ever tried some of the cannabis chocolates on the markets, you aren’t surprised. Many cannabis companies have hired world class chocolatiers to make their products.

Gifts for Your Cannabis Loving Love in 2019

Due to these category sales trends from last year we predict that the following products will be popular Valentine cannabis gifts this year:

- Beverage - Mocktails: Vertus by Tarukino (Champagne/Prosecco alternative)

- Edible - Truffles: Crescendo Collection by Coda Signature

- Topical - Bath Salts, Soaks and Scrubs: Releaf Soaks by Papa & Barkley

- Topical - Massage Oil / Lubricants: Pleasure by Foria

Valentine's Day cannabis sales trends by Headset
Valentine's Day cannabis sales trends by Headset

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