August 30, 2021

Five cannabis brands increasing market share in California

We take a look at cannabis brands that are growing quickly in the California market.
Written by
Cooper Ashley
Published on
August 30, 2021
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California is home to many cannabis brands, and some of them are quite well-known and popular across the market. Below, we take a look at some Californian brands who may not be as big as the major players in the market, but considering how quickly they're growing, they might be some day!

Garcia Hand Picked

Garcia Hand Picked, paying homage to Jerry Garcia, frontman of the Grateful Dead, hit California retailers in November 2020. Since then this multi-category brand has gobbled up market share, increasing to an all-time high of 0.7% in June 2021, with $3.1M in retail sales. Flower and Pre-Roll products generate the majority of Garcia Hand Picked's revenue, but they also offer a tin of mixed flavor Gummies in the shape of guitar picks.

California cannabis brands image 1: Garcia hand picked

West Coast Treez

West Coast Treez logged their very first sale in California at one of the more unfortunate times imaginable: February 2020, just before the the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the US. Despite this bad luck, this company was able to grow their sales through the summer, rising to more than $600K in sales by September 2020. Their sales dropped off steeply through last fall and winter, logging less than $65K in monthly sales in November, December and January. The roller coaster continued in 2021 and West Coast Treez has come surging back to life, with an all time high sales month in July 2021 with $1.4M, earning them a very respectable total California market share of about 0.3%.

California cannabis brands image 2: Graph of West Coast Treez

Papa's Select

Papa's Select's tag line is 'Pure and simple'. This concentrate company's appeal to transparency and quality in their branding and manufacturing process seems to be working well for them. Papa's Select logged nearly $500K in retail sales in July 2021, after having entered the California market only eight months prior. Their top selling product, contributing 11% of their total historical sales, is Zkittlez Cake 2nd Press Live Rosin Badder (1g). Customers seem to be happy to pay a premium for this quality product as it's average retail price ($38.38) is well above the category average ($29.89) over the same time frame.

California cannabis brands image 3: Papa's Select

Union Electric

Union Electric's claim to fame is proudly displayed front and center on their website: 'Premium flower, fairly priced'. This slogan is backed up by Headset's California market data, which shows that Union Electric's average item price for Flower products is only $30.91, 16% lower than the market-wide category average ($36.78). While Union Electric did have a small sales surge last fall, their sales declined in early 2021 to only $22K in March. Since then however, this brand has come back to life, logging an all-time best month in May 2021, with just shy of $1M in retail sales. Their all-time best selling product is Fatso (Eighth).

California cannabis brands image 4: Union Electric


As shown below, the graph of Froot's sales and market share over the previous two years is going in the exact direction any brand would like to see: up and to the right. This playful brand generates about 75% of their revenue from Edibles and the remainder from infused Pre-Rolls. Since launching last September, Froot's monthly sales rose to $861K in July 2021. They may owe their success, at least in part, to their rock bottom pricing. The average price of a Froot Edible product since September 2020 is $9.07, a whopping 44% lower than the California category average, which was $16.29 over the same time frame.

California cannabis brands image 5: Graph of Froot sales

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