November 16, 2023

Headset Insights: Ohio - A Unique Cannabis Landscape

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November 16, 2023
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Ohio's medical cannabis market has several unique characteristics that set it apart from other states, such as Florida. With the recent launch of "Headset Insights for Ohio," a deeper understanding of these nuances becomes possible. This post explores these distinctive elements, focusing on Ohio's innovative 'Whole Day Units' system and other aspects of its cannabis market.

Whole Day Units: A Unique Metric in Ohio

One of the most distinctive features of Ohio's medical cannabis program is the use of 'Whole Day Units' to regulate cannabis purchases. This system defines the amount of cannabis a patient can buy, with one unit equating to 2.83 grams of flower or 295 milligrams of THC in topicals. Patients can purchase a minimum of one unit and a maximum of 90 units. This framework shows Ohio's tailored approach to regulating cannabis consumption for medical purposes.

Comparing Ohio to Florida: A Data Perspective

- Patient Count and Dispensaries: Ohio has 184,958 patients with both an active registration and recommendation, compared to Florida's 832,000. Ohio operates 107 dispensaries, significantly less than Florida's 500.
- Sales Volume: Despite a smaller scale, Ohio's market is robust. October sales in Ohio were $42.86 million, about 28% of Florida's $154.2 million. This suggests Ohio's market efficiency, given that Florida has 5x the patients and dispensaries but only 3.7x the sales.

- Year-to-Date Sales: Ohio's year-to-date figures are impressive, showing 6.5 times the unit sales and 3.7 times the dollar sales, for five times the patients and dispensaries in Florida.

- Discounting Trends: Ohio's average item price decreased from $45 to $37.41, a decline of about 18%, indicating price stabilization. Ohio's discounting average is 18%, compared to Florida's 42%, suggesting a more stable pricing environment in Ohio.

- Notable Brands: Brands like Certified, holding almost 10% of the market's sales, and Buckeye Relief, who also is partnering with Edie Parker, are just some of the key players in Ohio's market. Discover more in our Brand Finder.

A Market Poised for Growth

Ohio's cannabis market is a unique case study in the U.S., marked by its 'Whole Day Units' system and effective market structure. As the state transitions to adult use, these distinctive aspects offer valuable insights into market dynamics and regulatory approaches. "Headset Insights for Ohio" provides a crucial tool for understanding and navigating this unique landscape.

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