May 3, 2021

Top cannabis Beverage brands in the US: Q1 2021

Take a look at the top five cannabis Beverage brands in the US from January - March, based on total sales during the quarter.
Written by
Cooper Ashley
Published on
May 3, 2021

Bubbly, fruity, potent, refreshing; there are so many different types of cannabis Beverages to choose from these days! As we explored in a recent industry report, the future of Beverages in the cannabis industry shows promising growth in the US. Below, you'll find the top five Beverage brands in the US, determined by their total sales during Q1 2021 (January - March). All sales totals are from California, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington recreational cannabis markets, and the Oregon medical and recreational markets.

Top cannabis beverage brands in the US: Major

1. Major

Q1 2021 total Beverage US retail sales: $3.8M

Q1 2021 top selling product: Sunset Pink Lemonade (100mg)

Major has been dominating Washington's Beverage market for some time now, with nearly 50% sales share in the category since the beginning of 2020. This brand's tagline, "a major high - for cheap" pairs well with the small form factor and high potency fruit-flavored Beverages it offers. Despite its Washington origins, Major is now a multi-market brand, with a recent California launch of its two most popular flavors in the 100mg package size.

2. CANN Social Tonics

Q1 2021 total Beverage US retail sales: $3.4M

Q1 2021 top selling product: CBD 2:1 Blood Orange Cardamom Social Tonic 6-Pack (24mg CBD, 12mg THC)

If you have only heard of one Beverage brand, you have probably heard of CANN. This hip, celebrity-backed, wildly-successful cannabis-infused seltzer brand has redefined what a cannabis Beverage can be by tapping into a customer base seeking low potency alcohol-replacing products that feel appropriate at a social gathering. Despite having some of the highest prices per milligram of THC in the Beverage market, CANN's monthly sales in California grew by more than 2500% from January 2020 to January 2021. This brand, available in California, Nevada, Illinois, and Rhode Island, is one to watch.

3. Keef Cola

Q1 2021 total Beverage US retail sales: $2.9M

Q1 2021 top selling product: Bubba Kush Root Beer (10mg)

There are very few cannabis brands in the world that can claim that they've been active for more than ten years. Keef Cola is one of those few. Originating in Boulder, Colorado back in 2010, Keef Cola has leveraged effective licensing deals to become a multi-category, multi-national cannabis brand. With an expansive catalog of Beverage products including classic sodas, seltzers, and mocktails at multiple potency levels, Keef Cola demonstrates the effectiveness of going 'wide' within a product category to offer a product for every customer and dominate store shelf space. Keef Cola products are available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica!

Top cannabis beverages in the US: Ripple

4. Ripple by Stillwater Brands

Q1 2021 total Beverage US retail sales: $2.0M

Q1 2021 top selling product: Pure Dissolvable 10-Pack (100mg)

Ripple by Stillwater has built a dominant position in the Colorado Beverage market with their fast-acting, dissolvable products that can be mixed into any Beverage. With nearly 40% of the state's Beverage sales going to Ripple products over the previous year, Stillwater's selection of convenient and portable products with predictable, repeatable experiences has clearly resonated with Colorado cannabis customers.

5. Dogtown Pioneers

Q1 2021 total Beverage US retail sales: $1.9M

Q1 2021 top selling product: Ray's Huckleberry Lemonade (100mg)

Dogtown Pioneers - the second best selling Beverage brand in Washington this year - makes one thing and they make it well: cannabis infused lemonades. Their flagship line, "Ray's Infused Lemonades," sells primarily as high-potency 100mg products in a wide variety of flavors including Huckleberry, Raspberry, and Dragon Fruit. They are also one of the few Beverage brands in the cannabis industry offering 'diet' versions of some of their products for the calorie-counting cannabis customer.

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