August 1, 2022

5 rising cannabis Beverage brands in the US & Canada

With so many new products entering the Beverages category, we compiled a list of a few rising stars that have been turning heads.
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Team Headset
Published on
August 1, 2022
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Cannabis Beverages continue to be a popular cannabis category among consumers in the US and Canada with successful sales trends in both markets. With thousands of products available, and so many more entering the Beverage space, we compiled a list of a few rising stars below that have been turning heads since the beginning of 2021.


Of US Beverage brands that have launched since January 2021, Select has averaged $210,264 in monthly sales, which is 30% higher than the next closest new Beverage competitor. Their availability in popular US markets like Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, Michigan, and California make them one of the most wide spread of the newcomers. Select’s line of Beverage products are what they describe as “Beverage enhancers” that can be mixed into drinks and can be effective in as little as 15 minutes. These products fall into our drops, mixes, elixirs, and syrups segment, which seems to be a growing segment among popular new cannabis products.


New cannabis beverages in the US & Canada image 1: Wynk

Introduced in March of 2022 in the relatively new Michigan cannabis market, Wynk’s sales for their line of cannabis infused seltzer water has grown 58% between April and June of 2022, bringing their average monthly sales to $76,907. From April through June 2022, they commanded 10% of total Beverage sales in all of Michigan, giving them the third most market share of Beverages in the state.

Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters debuted their line of THC seltzers and mocktails in March 2022 in the California market. Featuring infused Beverages such as canned Margaritas, mules, and tonics, they’ve grown sales 24% from $69,630 in April to $86,653 in June 2022. Heavy Hitters are in the top 20% of Beverage brands when comparing total sales from April through June of this year, which is especially significant in the competitive California market.

Collective Project

Collective Project is one of the strongest newcomers to Beverage brands on the Canadian market, available in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia. Their average monthly sales are 90% higher than the next closest new competitor, posting $500,798 CAD in average monthly sales. Since they launched in June 2021, Collective Project has seen sales grow 155% for their infused Beverage line. Much of their success can be attributed to their popular CBD:THC 1:1 Blood Orange, Yuzu & Vanilla Sparkling Juice, which has made 77% of their total sales since they launched. In the last year, Collective project has acquired 9% of the Canadian Beverage market by total sales, making them the second highest selling Beverage brand in Canada in the past year.

Phresh Cannabis Beverages

New cannabis beverages in the US and Canada image 2: Phresh Strawberry Kiwi

Phresh’s seltzer water Beverage line hit Canadian stores in July 2021. Sold in Ontario and British Columbia, Phresh has the highest sales growth of any brand on this list of new Beverages. Since August 2021, Phresh has increased 171% in total sales, taking their monthly sales from $119,825 CAD in August 2021 to $324,497 CAD in June 2022. The increase has been buoyed by their 10mg THC Strawberry Kiwi Sparkling Water, which made up 76% of their overall sales.

The rising popularity of the Beverages category has led to the introduction of new technologies and ways to consume cannabis. With new products available in different markets everyday, it can be difficult to understand what consumers are craving. Need help monitoring Beverages and other categories in the industry? Reach out to Headset for a demo and learn how you can identify opportunities in the cannabis industry.

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