October 3, 2023

Top Selling Cannabis Brands Fuel Missouri's Thriving Market in September 2023

Missouri’s cannabis market shines bright with a total valuation of $118.6 million as of September 2023, despite a minor 0.4% dip from the previous month.
Written by
Cy Scott
Published on
October 3, 2023
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Missouri’s newly legalized cannabis market is flourishing and, as of September 2023, the show-me state is showing some serious green with a total market value of a whopping $118.6 million for the month. Although there was a slight dip of 0.4% compared to August 2023, the market is ripe and the competition among brands is blazing! Let’s take a fun analyst’s journey into the top brands making waves in the Missouri cannabis market, and how they stack up against each other in terms of unique value propositions and sales data. These are the top selling brands in Missouri as of September 2023, combined taking close to 30% of the market in sales.

Top Selling Cannabis Brands in Missouri 🎯

The Missouri cannabis market is a budding space with a variety of products for every type of consumer. The flower category is the reigning king among the top brands, followed by a growing interest in vapor pens and edibles. Each brand brings a unique flavor to the market, whether it's Illicit Gardens' advocacy for social justice, Flora Farms' patient-centric approach now migrated to adult-use, Good Day Farm’s southern charm, Sinse Cannabis’s pioneering spirit, or Greenlight’s seasoned market presence.

Illicit / Illicit Gardens

Missouri’s crowned jewel of cannabis, Illicit Gardens, took the throne with a total sales figure of over $9.1 million in September, capturing 8% of the total Missouri market. Their stronghold is undoubtedly the flower category, constituting 72% of their total sales, that's $6.55 million going just to the flower lovers! They also dabble impressively in vapor pens and pre-rolls, with a cool $1.15 million and $909k in sales respectively. Illicit Gardens prides itself on premium cannabis products and a staunch advocacy for criminal justice reform. Their name isn't just for show; they walk the walk and lead the market in Missouri.

Good Day Farm

The southern charm, Good Day Farm, isn’t far behind with total sales of $7.48 million, grasping a 6% market share. Their flower and edible game is strong, bagging $3.9 million and $891k in sales respectively. With a variety of over 30 premium flower strains and an expansive menu of medical cannabis products, they're the good ol’ day everyone needs in Missouri. 🌞

Flora Farms

The flower powerhouse, Flora Farms, bloomed with a total of $5.87 million in sales, owning a 5% market share. With a staggering 92.3% of sales coming from the flower category, it's clear where their green thumb lies. Their focus on flower has paid off, with recognition for their Bubba Fett flower cultivar.

Sinse Cannabis

Sinse Cannabis, with its sinfully good products as they say, raked in over $5 million in sales, holding a 4% market share of MO. They shine in the flower and vapor pens categories, with 57.4% and 24.7% of sales respectively. They were the first to operate in Missouri, bringing a blend of tradition and innovation to the table. 🎉


Last but not the least, Greenlight sped through with over $4.54 million in sales, also holding a 4% market share. They lead in the flower and edible categories, boasting sales of $3.06 million and $504k respectively. Greenlight offers a gamut of cannabis products with over a decade of experience, ensuring a green light for quality and customer satisfaction. 🚦

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