Top cannabis Beverage brands in Canada: Q1 2021

May 24, 2021

Cannabis Beverages entered the Canadian market in January 2020 and since then, this category has expanded to include some refreshing options for consumers. Below, we take a look at the top five Beverage brands by total sales over Q1 in Canada. All sales totals are from the Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario recreational cannabis markets. In Ontario, Headset projects sales for the private retail market and does not include online sales through

Top cannabis beverages in Canada: XMG

1. XMG by Truss Beverage Co.

Q1 2021 total Beverage Canada retail sales: $1.8M

Q1 2021 top selling product: Mango Pineapple Sparkling Beverage (10mg, 236ml)

Cannabis Beverages make up Truss Beverage Co's entire product line. Focusing on a single category, especially one with relatively small market share, may seem like a risky choice. But this strategy is clearly paying off for Truss as they currently hold three of the top ten Beverage brands (XMG, Little Victory, and Mollo). XMG with it's attractive cans, broadly-appealing flavors, and maximum-legal THC potency (10mg THC per can), is currently on top of the market by a considerable margin.

Top cannabis beverages in Canada: Everie

2. Everie

Q1 2021 total Beverage Canada retail sales: $913K

Q1 2021 top selling product: CBD Mango Passionfruit Sparkling Water (10mg CBD, 269ml)

Everie is a polished brand focused entirely on CBD Beverages containing only trace amounts of THC. While they launched with three-packs of traditional tea bags in early 2020, their Mango Passionfruit Sparkling Water is now Everie's top-selling product. With nearly $1 million in sales last quarter, it is clear that Everie's CBD-only strategy is resonating with many Canadian cannabis customers.

Top cannabis beverages in Canada: Deep Space

3. Deep Space

Q1 2021 total Beverage Canada retail sales: $877K

Q1 2021 top selling product: Deep Space (10mg, 222ml)

This minimalist brand from Tweed offers only one product: a "deep, dark and mysteriously full-flavoured carbonated beverage." While the simple and attractive black can adorned with only a geometric logo and GPS coordinates does not provide much information about the product, customers have certainly been willing to try the mysterious drink, driving it to be the second best selling product in the category last quarter.

Top cannabis beverages in Canada: Little Victory

4. Little Victory by Truss Beverage Co.

Q1 2021 total Beverage Canada retail sales: $718K

Q1 2021 top selling product: CBD/THC 1:1 Dark Cherry Sparkling Beverage (2.5mg CBD, 2.5mg THC, 355ml)

While Truss Beverage Co's top brand XMG is marketed as "high-intensity" with the highest legally-allowed THC per Beverage, their second best performing brand Little Victory touts a more restrained experience, with which "to toast to any of life's little victories." With a microdosed and balanced amount of CBD to THC in each fairly large bottle, Little Victory is positioned as a brand for customers looking for a more gentle experience.

Top cannabis beverages in Canada: Houseplant

5. Houseplant

Q1 2021 total Beverage Canada retail sales: $535K

Q1 2021 top selling product: Grapefruit Sparkling Water (2.5mg, 355ml)

With a recent launch in the US, Seth Rogen's Houseplant is on a trajectory to become the most successful celebrity-backed cannabis brand of all time. With the majority of its sales coming from Flower and Pre-Roll products, Houseplant is a strong player in the Beverage category as well. While Houseplant launched its two microdosed sparkling waters only a year ago, the two products have risen to important positions in the brand's portfolio, as the fourth and tenth best selling products for the brand last quarter.

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